Bold brands connect with hearts and minds. They fuse creativity and emotion with problem solving and pragmatism. This is what I do.

I’m a UK based brand designer focused on building robust and flexible brand systems for tech-led, ambitious and innovative, businesses around the world. Instinctive and holistic in approach, I work closely with clients to unlock their USP and define distinctive brand pillars to create the foundations to their visual brand.

For me, clarity and precision blend with creativity are everything. I use my geek-like love of geometry, grids and symmetry to build a cohesive brand architecture which forms a consistent and uniform brand system. My ultimate goal aim is delivering clients a brand that we both proudly stand behind—one that not only stands out but also deeply connects with its target audience.

This love of systems and order is born out of the hours I spent constructing Lego as a child. Thank you Lego.


Over the years, I've been fortunate to receive multiple nominations for prestigious design awards, spanning categories such as design, packaging, and UI. Some notable recognitions include:

Red Dot Design Award for Airpen in the Design Concept category

iF Design Award 2020 for Aalto in Professional Concepts | Product Concepts

iF Design Award 2018 for Tapp in Professional Concepts | Product Concepts

iF Design Award 2017 for Audiopack in Professional Concepts | User Interface Concepts


Crafting transformative brands for over a decade, I specialise in creating bold identities that blend creativity with precision for tech-driven businesses. Through brand workshops, I guide clients to unlock unique personalities, forming connections beyond awareness. From revitalising struggling companies to empowering 50+ global brands, my solutions ensure success in competitive markets. I align client visions, define unique selling propositions (USPs), and shape brand messaging for a cohesive visual and verbal language. Whether crafting logos or custom-designed icons, I create brand systems offering consistency and flexibility for continuous growth across platforms fostering a lasting impact.


Over the years, I've collaborated globally with brands like Paddington Bear, Novartis, Royal Navy, Adidas, Snapchat, Mars Wrigley, and London & Oxford Group. Beyond these, my mission is to uncover hidden gems in tech and innovation, helping businesses stand out and communicate unique value. Dedicated to partnering with AI tech, digital, and smart consumer electronic companies, I aim to provide them with the opportunity not only to build a brand but also to leverage it for increased profitability and capital raising. In a competitive market, excellent branding is key to raising prices and competing on value.


Specialising in constructing cohesive visual systems, I seamlessly extend my expertise to the second phase of projects, where clients often choose to invest in website development. This ensures a harmonious alignment with the established brand, employing tools like Figma and Webflow for creative and user-friendly interfaces. My approach encompasses SEO strategies, robust component libraries, and responsive designs, prioritising a seamless UI/UX to offer an engaging experience. This not only reflects the brand's essence but enhances the chances of converting visitors into valuable clients.