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Brand System and Visual Identity
Brand System and Visual Identity

Established in 1953 with a focus on food imports, the company diversified its portfolio into real estate through proceeds from rentals, automobile, and property sales. However, in 1974, the Turkish invasion led to a complete loss. Undeterred by adversity, the company rose again through hard work and persistence, evolving over the years into a robust entity offering various products and services. Passed down to the new generation, the company maintains a clear vision for growth, pioneering spirit, and consistently identifying opportunities to serve the Cypriot market. 'Resilience' and 'shrewdness' are their guiding values, reflecting the ability to adapt and the discernment in seizing new business opportunities.

The brand identity reflects the company's evolution and resilience. Positioned as a holding company with diverse sub-brands and potential expansions, the branding balances neutrality with showcasing strength, professionalism, generational legacy, and resilience. The brand system accommodates growth with a structured yet creative approach. Geometric and elegant icons derived from the logo represent each service, embodying the company's shrewdness. The Phoenix logomark symbolises resilience, capturing the spirit of overcoming challenges and emerging stronger. This modernised brand system is not only robust but also flexible, ready to adapt to unknown future markets.

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